Holiday Barn Party Ideas

Holiday Barn Party Ideas

Thinking about getting the barn squad together for a holiday party? There’s two locations that will work for a holiday party, the barn- an obvious choice, or someone’s home. Either is an acceptable location for a party, it largely depends on weather and barn accommodations. I’ve been getting excited for the holiday season and looking forward to spending time with my barn family, just as much as my “normal” family, as if there is such a thing! I’ve put together a few of my favorite ideas that I have seen or used at parties in the past!



  • Carrot Centerpieces: Using almost any vase you can make center pieces for cheap!
  • Gussied Up Mason Jars: Always a barn favorite, by spray painting the jars a golden tone you can reuse them for other events you will host in the future!




Food: I think potluck’s generally go over the best and help everyone to divvy up costs to not financially burden one specific individual. Just make sure you inquire about anyone’s dietary restrictions!

Drinks: Neat ways to keep cold drinks cold is to use a wheelbarrow! Keeping it in the ‘barn’ theme but re-purposing a tool we use daily! Obviously if the party is outdoors, then you will need to use thermoses to keep warm drinks like coffee and coco warm.




Desert: If anyone has a specific specialty such as a pie, cake or sweet goodie that they are famous make sure they bring plenty to share! A great idea to display simpler treats, such as Rice Krispy treats for the youngsters is displayed below.

Hay Bales: Rice Krispy Treats cut and iced to look like hay bales!

What are some ideas you’ve used for barn parties in the past? Please share with us!


Happy Holidays, Emily


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November 29, 2016

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