Happy Thanksgiving From RodeoChat!

The week of Thanksgiving is always so hectic for me. With working a full time job I work the first 3 days of the week, and I have Thursday, Friday and the weekend off. With that being said, not only do I have to work an 8 - 12 hr shift I have to scramble around and do my thanksgiving dinner shopping last minute. Lol, there's nothing else better than taking care of stuff last minute in my opinion.. 

This Thanksgiving I'll spend it at home here in Montana. I'll cook a big meal such as turkey, ham, stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy with some sparkling cider and a piece of pumpkin pie with whooped cream. Gosh, this is making me hungry already.. I can't wait to eat a nice thanksgiving dinner and give my thanks. 

The day after thanksgiving I'm always looking forward too. It seems like each year it gets earlier and earlier that the black Friday sales start. Well, at least here in Montana.. Stores will open at 6 PM and they stay open till the next days closing time. Talk about a loooooonnngggg work shift. I'm so glad I'm not working retail anymore I definitely don't miss those long hours. 
On top of all the Holiday cheer comes the National Finals Rodeo in Viva Las Vegas Dec. 1 - 10th, 2016! It's the biggest rodeo in the world bringing people in from all over the world for the 10 day rodeo. Every single day your meeting someone new and a new opportunity is knocking at your door. You just have to know how to handle it and make the best of it :) 

I think it's time I wrap this blog post up. I have a busy work day ahead of me, and I have to begin getting everything ready for Vegas this week. Until next time.. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I'm SO grateful for each and everyone of you :) 

Paige Gregory
Owner And Founder Of RodeoChat
Bighorn, MT
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