Glimpse into a LIVE RodeoChat Interview and what goes on behind the scenes

Brand NEW week, and a ton of new opportunities! This week, I'm doing my research on all of the contestants that made it to the Canadian Finals Rodeo. I'm also doing research on all of the pretty flashy gals that are running for the title of Miss Rodeo Canada! Sunday night, I had the chance to interview 2014 Miss Ponoka Stampede, Katy Lucas! Katy, is in the running for 2015 Miss Rodeo Canada and she starts her journey tomorrow morning (Monday) bright and early!


Photo Credit: Ian Neill Photography


In my interview with Katy Lucas, we talked about her team roping horses Tater and Bear! We also had the chance to ask her.. If she could change one rule about the rodeo industry.. What would it be and why? Here's what Katy Lucas had to say:


" I may open up a can of worms here but, EQUAL MONEY FOR TEAM ROPERS! It's about time it happened! Canada made team roping a major event last year so we're on our way! "


What do you guy's think? Should rodeos add equal Money for all Team Ropers? Also, I may just be saying this..But, I feel like Team Roping in general has gotten a lot of media exposure this year. From magazine covers, to LIVE Google + hangouts with Cinch Jeans. Also, a lot of the team ropers have started their own video blogs on their fan pages. Could it be that the team ropers are getting the hang of social media faster than the rough stock riders? I could be wrong.. But, that's just my opinion.


If you'd like to read my FULL interview with Katy Lucas.. You can do so by clicking the link below:


Me, and Gabi from Rodeo Wrecks have also posted a brand NEW #RodeoChatGetsWrecked podcast on Soundcloud! This week we had the chance to chat with a NEW comer in the bull riding industry. His name is Shea Russell, and he's already made a name for himself in the professional and amature level of bull riding! You can check it out at: RodeoChatGetsWrecked


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