Friday's Favorites.. A look at one of our Favorite shopping spots at the Congress "All That Show Clothing"

All That Show Clothing is based out of Boca Raton, Florida and is owned by Tammy Schuster.


The store is a well known show clothing and boutique wear based company always known for it's fashion forward styles and unique clothing.


What we love most about congress is seeing people from all over the world that we may not see through the year but can always count on seeing them at the congress. Also so many breeds come to shop and watch and look at all the new upcoming styles of clothing or what's in!!!!


Love seeing the fit of Kimes Ranch Jeans on customers as well as all age groups wearing them, the public is your best advertiser.


“All That” always has specials it runs at congress as well we always have several models in the cancer fashion show.


We are located in our normal premier spot in congress hall behind Harris!!!!!






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