Finding Hope During the Hard Times: How to prepare and recover from the hurricanes

The equine industry is a big loving family. This means we are all there for one another when tragedy hits, no matter what form it comes in. The southern states have been rocked the past few weeks with Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Texas, Louisiana, and Florida were targeted by these massive storms. Here are some tips for horse owners in the path of these hurricanes, or anyone wanting to help those affected.



1.     Make arrangements in advance to have your horses hauled in case of an emergency. Many people open up their barns and pastures during these times. The AAEP and statewide equine related websites have information and people to contact. Contact friends in the industry to see if they have anything available too. Prepare for the traffic associated with everyone evacuating.

2.     Put all important documents (coggins, health papers, registration papers, etc) in an waterproof bag and keep them with you.

3.     Create a list of all first aid and necessary items like feed, bedding and buckets that you will need on the road.


Helping in the aftermath:

1.     Visit the American Association of Equine Practitioners or others offering supply donation lists. Go through the list and collect all items you are wanting to donate.

2.     Reach out to an association (AQHAAPHA, etc) and determine a place to drop off monetary or supply donations. Ask your horse friends, family or anyone else to join you in your donation process.

3.     Do your research and contact anyone who needs additional help!


We are family. The horse community has helped tremendously in this time of need. We are truly grateful for all the volunteers and offer our condolences to all affected by these hurricanes.

~ Courtney Hall


Photos courtesy of The Equine Chronicle and Purina Equine Feed

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