Favorite Fridays…. Improving your horses mobility and performance with LIFELINE products

What made you get into your business?

APC, Inc. is a third-generation, family-owned company and a global leader in the fractionation of proteins. After more than 30 years of success in helping pigs, calves and other species thrive, APC knew they could provide similar benefits to the horse industry.  We created the LIFELINE® brand of equine products, LIFELINE Equine Elite™ and LIFEINE AgeWell™, to help provide horses with optimal performance and health.


What do you most enjoy about what you do?

We love seeing the positive changes that horses experience after using LIFELINE Equine Elite or AgeWell. There are some truly inspiring examples in the Testimonials we get from users of LIFELINE equine products. Everyone at LIFELINE is passionate about animal health and performance.


What thing or moment are you most proud of?

We were so proud when we found out that many elite horsemen who tried LIFELINE wanted to join our team and represent our brand. Chris Cox, Ron Emmons, Rusty Green, Walt Erwin, Luke Jones, and many others have joined Team LIFELINE, and continue to win championship titles.

And they joined Team LIFELINE because they believe in the products! According to Team LIFELINE member Chris Cox, “LIFELINE is a game changer for the horse industry and a life changer for horses.”


Tell us about your organization, business, company?

APC, Inc. is a science-based company. We have conducted more than 300 studies in multiple species on the effects of our serum-based bioactive proteins and have consistently seen that they support normal immune function and an efficient inflammatory response in animals experiencing illness or stress.

LIFELINE Equine Elite and LIFELINE AgeWell work because of BioThrive™ bioactive proteins. BioThrive™ is the trademarked name of LIFELINE’s unique blend of serum-based active ingredients made using a proprietary process. APC is the only company that has the technology to bring this product to the market. BioThrive is truly different from any other product on the market – it’s not a vitamin, mineral or herbal supplement.

BioThrive’s unique bioactive ingredients support an efficient inflammatory response and address issues related to stress, immunity and gut health. Most horses benefit from the bioactive proteins in BioThrive™, which support and maintain multiple body functions throughout their lives.


Anything exciting that is going on with your company?

Recently, APC, Inc. was excited to release results of a research study conducted by Dr. Josie Coverdale, associate professor of equine science at Texas A&M University. The gait kinematics study measured stride length and knee range of motion with increasing dosage of LIFELINE BioThrive™ in exercised horses.  

Dr. Coverdale said, “This study suggests that bioactive proteins could play a major role in supporting joint health, which in turn supports joint comfort and mobility in performance horses of all ages and disciplines.” You can read more about the study here.


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