Favorite Fridays

Since we are in Los Angeles this week, this blog post is dedicated to our 5 favorite places in Los Angeles!


 Over the years Mr. Kimes and I have spent countless weeks on end driving around this great city.  We feel as if we are locals and know some of the best spots, no matter what neighborhood we are driving thru.


 #5  Avila's El Ranchito.  This spot is very near and dear to our hearts.  On one of our first trips to Los Angeles, we were introduced to this great family restaurant.  You see, it is located only a few blocks away from where we cut our jeans.  We like to consider this place a "meeting of the minds" location.  Many heartfelt lunches have taken place in our favorite corner booth.  Even after all of these years, the staff still recognizes us and greats us with a warm welcome.




#4 The Getty Villa.  While we don't get to visit every time we are in Los Angeles.  On long trips, when we need a mental refresher, this is a great spot for us to go and relax.  The Getty Villa is beautiful, full of history, and most of all, very quiet.  When we are here working and our minds get fuzzy from the traffic and the day to day grind, this is a great place for us to go and visit.  It allows us to catch a break from life and find some inner peace.




#3  Ventura Boulevard.  Many of you may not know this, but, Ventura Boulevard is one of the most densely populated boulevards of Mom and Pop shops in the country.  This eclectic place is full of inspiration.  We enjoy wandering the streets and hearing the stories that each shop has to tell.  You can find anything and everything you need on this street, and best of all, it is all locally owned!




#2  Ciao Christina.  I almost hate to tell you about this hidden gem.  It is a hole in the wall Italian restaurant located across the street from the Warner Brothers Studio.  We are always spotting celebrities on break from filming.  But, our favorite is running into the writers.  They usually gossip about the inside scoop on important episodes or different  happenings within the industry, and since the place is so small, you can't help but overhear!


The food is amazing, we never order the same thing. For dessert, however, I ALWAYS order the spumoni ice cream cake.  Amazing!  We never, ever miss a chance to dine a Ciao Christina, even if it is completely out of the way!



#1.  Malibu Beach RV Park.  We have been coming here since the beginning of having a jean company.  We usually hook up the RV, camp on the beach and commute into town like locals.  We literally are right across the street from the ocean.  At the bottom of our driveway is also the best place to score some fresh fish.  We feel like family here, and they know us by name.  During the summer, it is great when we bring the kids.  After a long day commuting around Los Angeles, it is nice to kick back with cold one and enjoy the waves. 


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