Father's Day


Every year in June we celebrate the incredible father figures in our lives. For the equine industry, we especially send thanks out to the dads with little to no horse showing experience who continue to support us every day. They usually don’t understand our crazy love for those beautiful four-legged animals, but they love us anyway.



 My father is one of those. He owns a row crop and beef cattle operation in Missouri. All my horse knowledge comes from my mother. My dad was a big support system for me even when he had no idea what I was doing in the arena. He went to shows when I was a youth and continued to be my biggest fan throughout my collegiate career. I was blessed to grow up with a father like him, as I’m sure many others feel the same of their dad.


With that being said, we should also send a huge thank you to all the dads within the horseshow world. They have the incredibly hard job of critiquing us and being our fan club at the same time. Whether those fathers are trainers, judges, or even our competition, they find a way to love us and support us through thick and thin. Having a father like this is something we should all be truly grateful for.




If you are one of these dads I would like to personally say thank you. I know I can personally be a frustrating, arrogant pain in the butt at horse shows. We may not always show it, but we appreciate everything you do and are thankful to have y’all in our lives! This Father’s Day I encourage all dads to kick back, relax, and spend time with your loved ones wherever that may be. You deserve it!


Photos courtesy of GoHorseShow.com, Jenny Horst Photography, and Kimes Ranch



June 20, 2017

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