Equine Audio

It’s Friday! Which means, we get to tell you about some of our favorite businesses within the equine industry. Today we are excited to share with you, Equine Audio. Equine Audio provides the perfect audio, video and security solutions for your equine facility, farm or barn.
Please visit their website: http://www.equine-audio.com

Q) Tell us about your company/ business or organization?
A) Founded over nine years ago, Equine Audio, Inc., is the only audio company with a sole focus on the equine and farm industries. The safety of our horses, trainers/clinicians, and their students is paramount. We do what we love. 
Located on 55 acres in rural Blanchardville, Wisconsin, the administrative, sales and engineering teams are delighted to work on an old dairy farm converted to accommodate the team, and of course the horses in another building on the farm. 
Equine Audio has a dynamic team of like-minded industry professionals providing unequaled customer service regardless of the account size. 

Q) What made you get into your business?
A) First, a love of horses at a very young age. Coupled with a love for music and great sound! 
One year while attending the Midwest Horse Fair, as I walked the show, I realized there was a missing component. No one was addressing the need for audio systems to support equine performances, or addressing the needs of the clinician/trainer. For the trainer/clinician, clarity and ease of use is important… Hence the birth of Equine Audio!

Q) What, if any background did you have before you started?
A) Our working backgrounds are in Professional Audio. For the past 17 years we have been (and remain) manufacturer’s representatives for professional audio. We use the products from these relationships in our installs because we are confident in their functionality - they are reliable, durable and appropriate for each project.

Q) Where would you like to see yourself 5 To 10 years from now?
A) Recognized as the leader and trusted provider of high performance, environmentally friendly audio solutions for the equine and farm industries.
We currently service the domestic US from our headquarters in Wisconsin, possibly expanding to include offices in each US region, and internationally.

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