Don't Starch your Jeans

I am about to say something that I know will not be received so well. 

“Do not starch your jeans.”


I know, I know, I am saying this to a whole culture of people who believe firmly that the stiffer the jeans the better.  But, please, hear me out.  You are ruining your jeans!!  Not just our Kimes Ranch jeans, but all jeans.  You are absolutely destroying the integrity of carefully woven denim.


Alright, let me make my claim before I am beheaded.  Then, I’ll take it all back and let you do what you will with your denim items.


Firstly: Denim jeans, the way they come, are a very durable product.  The cotton fibers within the jeans are meant to move and conform with the body.  Allowing give to snug places, stretch to tight knees and making true magic happen.  When you starch your jeans, you take away all of that.  Starch makes your jeans stiff, not allowing the cotton fibers to give.  They become rigid, and ultimately weak.  Thus, the wearing out in the butt region, the knee and some other embarrassing locations.


Second: Starch will shrink your jeans.  By stiffening the cotton, there is no give.  When there is no give there is no stretch.  Overtime, this will shorten the fibers and shrink your jeans.


Third:  Starch stinks.  Literally.  Starching your jeans will make you “smelly pants”.  You think your starched jeans don’t stink, go on an take a whiff.  They smell.


Fourth: Starch leaches the beautiful indigo right from the soul of the denim garment.  It makes them ugly.



There!  I said it!  I feel like a weight has been lifted.  Now, I know this is VERY controversial. I also realize that most of you will read this post, curse me, and then ignore everything I have said.  I accept that.  I really do.  But, I do feel better for bringing this to your attention!


Have a happy and starch free day!


  • Alyssa Whiston

    Hi I order a pair of jenifers and have been told they stretch.. they are on the tighter side so unsure if the will stretch and fit good or should I go up a size

  • Regretfully Starched

    Is there anything I can do to get my Kimes Ranch Jeans back to the virgin, unstarched state? Can I soak them in a bath of essential oils, dead sea salts, & unicorn tears for one month in rocky mountain ice melt water? I unfortunately found this post AFTER I made the mistake of “welder starching” my jeans. They aren’t any kind of comfortable anymore. :(

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