Don’t wash your jeans!! Part 2 on how to get your jeans to last longer

I know this seems counter intuitive, however, in order to appease all comfort levels we have a few choices for this one:


Choice 1 THE MOST EXTREME - When your jeans start “feeling” dirty.....

Step 1: Shake them out to get rid of excess dirt and dust.


Step 2: Spot clean visible dirty spots with a damp washcloth and warm water. (Avoid using soap unless at all necessary. You can also use a little spritz of vinegar to disinfect.)


Step 3: Fold your jeans. Place into zip-top freezer bag. Place in the freezer for 1-2 days.


Step 4: Remove from freezer and bag, allow to thaw. Air dry, and then wear again!


OR if you don’t like the freezer idea you can get rid of these odor-causing bacteria by placing your folded jeans in the oven at 300 degrees for one hour. Either one will have the desired effect.


I know that this is a tuff concept for some of you to handle but for college kids or people that hate doing laundry this is a fantastic excuse to avoid it..... and the benefit is the less you wash the more character your jeans will have and the longer they will last! If you can bare it go without washing... if not here are a couple of other options


Choice 2 THE MIDDLE GROUND- Wash them as little possible…. As little as you can tolerate. 


Here is the next option if you just must wash your jeans.  Hand wash. Yup with your own two hands.  But we will make this experience as easy as possible.


Step 1: Start out by filling a sink with cold water and, to that, add just a drop of mild detergent. Really, just half a teaspoon!


Step 2: Then turn your jeans inside out, plop them in the water, and walk away. No scrubbing necessary.


Step 3: Come back in an hour and rinse off the jeans with cold water. Hang dry, and voilà: Perfect! 


The soap takes out all the major grubby areas that did not come out during spot clean and the integrity of the denim is still intact.  Now I realize that some of you are doing some serious dirty work in these jeans so these two options may not warrant any consideration.  Now lets give you the most realistic case for your Kimes Ranch jeans.


Choice 3 THE LEAST EXTREME – For those of us with a lifestyle that involves anything to do with horses, cattle we know that you have to get your hands dirty and with that your jeans dirty.  When spot cleaning is not enough to get out the arena dirt lets make sure that we have an option that will help you keep those working jeans working as long as possible.


Step 1: For the “first ” washing of the denim, especially with dark wash jeans, always wash in cold water.


Step 2: Use one cup of distilled white vinegar, pour in the washing machine and let it distribute well in the water before placing the jeans in the washer. NO LAUNDRY SOAP for the first washing. This will help to set the dye and reduce the amount that transfers in future washes.


Step 3: Turn your jeans inside out before placing in the washing machine (you can wash more than one pair at a time, but the dye lots must be similar). Always turn inside out to preserve the “face” of the denim.


Step 4: After the jeans are finished washing, the first time and every time, take out of the machine and re-shape the jeans. Make sure that you pull the legs down to give you a little more length in the hem. Make sure to zip up the zipper and lay flat on a drying rack to dry. NEVER put jeans in the dryer, the heat breaks down the stretch fiber (Lycra content) and the finish on the denim. The jeans will be a little stiff after you grab them off the drying rack. Loosen them up by rubbing them with your hands.

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