Do you ever stop and think

Do you ever stop and think, “Wow, I’ve made it this far!”


Some days, you wake up and slide on cold denim and worn boots, feeling defeated and waiting for something better.


Some days, the prospect of the sun rising feels like too much to handle…


But on those hard days, those ones where you feel that you cannot continue on…stop.


Breath, look back, and realize…you have already won.


You have come THIS far.



You have woken up, looked life in the eye and responded in strength and kindness.


You have no given up this far, and life is so much more than those bad days.


It is so much more than those trials and hard lessons that we all must endure and learn on the road of learning and living.


Dear cowgirl, you can fall. You can fail and you can freak out.


But the one thing that you can never do, is forget just how far you have already come, all the glittering futures and prospects of grander can never replace the perfection that is your already proven history of not giving up, you are still here.


You are still standing back up, looking those days in the eye, and saying “Bring it, I can handle you.”


Dear Cowgirl, you go girl. 

September 15, 2017

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