DIY: Bohemian Boots

So I’ve been pining (or pinning thank you Pinterest) for a pair of bohemian, reconstructed half boots. They had several different styles at the Scottsdale Arabian show last week and also at the NFR. If you read my blogs on the regular then you know when it comes to certain things, I’m cheap. I’d rather spend a Saturday making a project then shell out more money. 

Material List:

Pair of boots (Check Etsy, Ebay or your local thrift store if you don’t have a pair you’d like to cut up.)

  • Belt
  • Craft Fringe (Available at your local Hobby Lobby, JoAnns or other fabric store)
  • ½ yard of Fabric
  • Leather cording
  • Lace ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun + Sticks
  • Gel Super Glue

*For this project you can basically raid your tack room, craft room or wander around your local craft store and find what calls to you.

Step 1: Cut the boots down the back. Be careful not to cut down past the heel lining


Step 2: Fold over.



Step 3: Add fabric. I used hot glue and gel super glue to attach it to the boots.



Step 4: Add belts, findings, lace etc. until you’ve achieved the look you like. Glue as you go. In a few placed I punched holes and tied with fishing line to ensure items stayed in place and on the boots.




Step 5: Hit the town!



Be sure to share your boots on social media using #KRJBohoBoots.


- Paige Morgan
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