Colored Tail Extensions

If you are looking for a way to stand out in the sea of sorrel and bay horses, you should look into some colored mane and tail extensions. A single extension can make spotting your horse a breeze. 


The McLeod’s of Michele McLeod Barrel Horses rocked their Gypsy tails and Bling String clip-ins at the NFR and at this year’s American rodeo event. Fallon Taylor frequently extends her colorful array of outfits onto her horse using these extensions as well.

Aside from just looking pretty, colored extension can be used as an identifier. Yellow as a caution for a horse who kicks or bites, green to symbolize a “green” or inexperienced horse or Orange for visibility while trail riding during the fall hunting season. Tail lights are another great option for safety, providing another source of visibility for drivers to see riders.


Colored Tail Extensions, clip in lights and bling string can be found at Gypsy Tails,  Mane and Tail sets can be purchased at Cowgirl Chicks Website and Lonesome Ranch’s Facebook page called Platinum Ponytails. Typical extensions start at $15 and go up. They are available in every color and color combination under the sun.

Synthetics vs. real horse hair

Although synthetic hair costs significantly less than real horse hair it tends to tangle more than the real hair. On the plus side synthetics tend to hold their color better in prolonged sunlight and will hold up to regular shampooing.

Care for real hair differs from synthetics as you have to avoid shampoo and prolonged sunlight exposure. On the plus side the natural hair does not tangle as easily and blends in with your horse’s mane or tail for a more natural look. 

- Paige Morgan
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