Balancing The Burnout

Summer is in full swing! Everyone is out of school, horse shows can be found every weekend, and most of all this is when equestrians can burnout emotionally and physically. Regardless of how much we love this sport or lifestyle, we are only human and the amount of hours we put into it, will take its toll.


Take some “me” time. Most of us take solace in our time at the barn or with our horses, but finding another hobby, even if it means walking the dog, is important for our sanity. Speaking of sanity, I know I have seen my fair share of lost sanity at these summer horse shows! This is where a mixture of too much go, go, go, and summer heat can lead to what I like to call a “come apart”. Which is manifested differently in each individual but we have all been there at one point or another. The point I am trying to reach here is to not have come aparts be apart of every horse show, or daily life even. Finding the balance between work, family, friends and horses is challenging but it is vital to keeping us sane in this crazy adventure with horses. We don’t have to eat, sleep, live at the barn to show our dedication and put in the hours we need to succeed.


Another piece of advice is to remember that we do this because we love it. Don’t beat yourself up or think less of your horse over a bad day. We all have them, and unfortunately sometimes they show up when we least expect them too, or want them too. But life happens and learning to roll with the punches can help keep the burnout at bay.


Find the balance in life. Yes horses are our whole lives, and they make our lives whole.  However, take a deep breath, horse show season is almost over and we can go back to wishing it were here again soon. And most of all, remember to thank your horse for packing you around in the pen, around the pasture, down the trail, or up the mountain, especially when its 100 degrees outside!!


I have found my balance of life and horses through finding things to do with my trusty canine Davis (pictured below with the most ridiculous pout because mom made him post for picture by Crescent Lake in Washington). You’ll generally find him snoring in the aisle way of the barn, while I spend a majority of our day working around the barn. But we have found we also like taking a day off and heading to a beach or climbing mountains to clear our heads and not drive ourselves crazy!




-Emily Bomgardner

July 6, 2016

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