Back To School List For Equestrians

It’s almost that time of year again, BACK TO SCHOOL! I’ve put together a list of items that may not be on your traditional back to school list but I think that every equestrian can find something on this list that will help them transition from a summer of horseback days to school days with ease.




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  • Noble Equine sells a great backpack that would be great for equestrians to seamlessly go from school to barn (
  • Kerrits (SmartPak Equine) has a great over the shoulder back pack that has similar features to the ringside pack from Noble Equine but offers a different style. (
  • Feed Bag book bag is another great option! Some ladies don’t want to carry around a backpack and instead prefer the convenience of a backpack and a purse as found here on etsy: 


Pencil Cases:

  • I had an extreme knack for organization all throughout my education, even needed a place for my pencils. I was lucky enough to have handmade pencil cases from my horses feed bags but I found a great replica on etsy. (


  • I don’t even know where to begin with footwear! There were many a day where feeding horses or an early morning ride to avoid the heat would leave me wearing boots to school. However, my personal school shoes where twisted x brand shoes, they have a great selection of men’s and women’s shoes in a variety of styles and colors sure to fit anyone’s look.(


Water bottles:

  • We all need to stay hydrated while in class and going through out our days. There are a number of companies who will print your favorite picture of you and your horse onto a water bottle! It may leave you day dreaming for after school riding with your friends but it will keep you going that is for sure! There are also websites that already have a great variety of pictures to suit everyone’s needs! (


This is definitely not your typical back to school list however these products are great for barn or school activities. Good luck in the next school year!


-Emily Bomgardner

August 5, 2016

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