The ABBI bucking bull futurity has been around since 2003. Started to help bring the best bucking bulls to the PBR. There is three different classifications that the bucking bulls go through between two years old and 4 years old which are the futurity, the derby, and the classic divisions. There are also three types of events the bulls can compete in. There are sanctioned events, ABBI events, and American Heritage events. Each event has a different amount of points to be won. Each bull is marked out of 100 points just like an actual bull rider.


The most recent event was held in Innisfail Alberta. Where Vold rodeo company won the event, making it back to back wins for the company. The bull branded 577 won the competition in Prince Albert and then the bull branded 545 won the competition in Innisfail.


One of the biggest highlights of the weekend in Innisfail was the bull that took home second place in the competition. The bull from Kendal Mcdonald was a bottle fed calf and after his trip in Innisfail they led the bull out of the arena.


The results for the Innisfail competition are: 1st; Vold Rodeos 545, 82.25 points, $3,830; 2nd; Hy-Kik Ranchs 578 Moose, 81.25, $2,760; 3rd (tie) G&C-Adamus/ K Rose Ranch's-509 Uncle Tim and Wild Hoggs/ Chmelnyk / Bryant's 529, 80.5, $1,490 each; 5th; KS Livestocks 568 , 80.25, $1,060.


The next scheduled event for ABBI canada is in New Sarepta Alberta. On June 17 and 18.

June 3, 2017

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