9 Uses for Diaper Cream

  1. Treatment for scratches - I’ve only experienced scratches on the lower leg of the horse. A quick and easy way to treat scratches is by applying diaper rash cream to the affected area until it clears up. The amount of time for scratches clearing up depends on a number of variables but catching scratches early and starting to treat them is the best way to go about it. Another trick I learned while working for different trainers was to use a large men’s tube sock to keep dirt and shavings from sticking to the diaper cream. You take a large men’s tube sock, cut the toe off (you can dispose of this piece), and simply slip the sock up the horse’s leg. The end result should look as pictured below



  1. Crud on rear lower legs - Pasture ornaments and show horses alike will occasionally get crud on their rear lower legs that can really stand out on black and white legs alike. Working for different horse trainers helped me to learn a cool trick to help get rid of this crud on their back legs-diaper rash cream. Best to leave on for 2-4 days and wash off, you will most likely have to reapply but I do not recommend leaving it on long term without daily monitoring.


  1. Hock Sores - Horses get hock sores when they lie down and then scrape themselves on the stall floor when rising. When you notice these, you can apply diaper rash cream to the affected hock(s), until healed. I would recommend keeping your horse’s tail in a bag or braid as the diaper rash cream will spread to their tail.


  1. Girth sores - Girth sores can happen any time of year, and under many different circumstances. It is a good idea to ensure that you are riding with a clean, fungus-free girth first and foremost. If your horses does happen to get girth sores, apply diaper rash cream to the area will help dry out the area.


  1. Bridle/Bosal rub marks - Occasionally the more “thin-skinned” horse will have marks from different bridles, bosals or hackamores. You can help these in the healing process and protect them with diaper rash cream.


  1. Halter rub marks - Whatever the root cause of the rub marks, this will help keep the skin moisturized while allowing healing. In some horses, the owners stated that it has helped to grow the hair back on the bald spots.


  1. Saddle sores - While it is always important to have a well-fitting saddle, rub marks can occur, or even an older or ill-fitting pad can cause saddle rub marks/sores. Applying the diaper rash cream to these areas will protect that area of skin from dust, and debris that can potentially cause an infection.


  1. Sun protection for pale skinned horses - For those horses with pale skinned noses, and that are turned out during the sunny summer days. Sun protection is very important for them. The diaper rash cream benefits are two-fold in this scenario. It not only protects the skin from sunburn but can also help sun burnt skin heal.


  1. Fly Bites on belly and sheath/udder areas - Every summer my gelding will get turned out in a fly sheet but inevitably he gets a swollen sheath due to the irritation of fly bites. I have used the diaper rash cream on my geldings sheath and even my mare’s udders the last two summers and I highly prefer it to fly repellent pastes. It keeps the flies from biting and they don’t typically sweat the diaper rash cream off like they have the swat fly repellent.


-Emily Bomgardner

December 17, 2015

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