6 Ways to Use Diapers Around The Barn

They aren’t just for baby’s bottoms anymore


  1. Soaking Hooves

How many times has your horse kicked a bucket of Epsom salt water over while you where trying to draw an abscess out? There is an easy way to avoid the bucket mess, diapers.To soak a hoof you simply wet the absorbent area of the diaper with water, iodine solution, and Epsom salts. Next you apply the solution onto the hoof. Most horses will tolerate this method of soaking the hoof much more readily than they do the bucket method.


  1. Packing Hooves

When you are trying to apply a hoof packing material, diapers are excellent for helping apply the packing material and keeping it in place. To ensure that your packing material stays where it was intended to be, it is a good idea to wrap the diaper in duct tape to add durability.


  1. Poultice Mobile Joints

Keeping poultice moist throughout the night is crucial in extending the efficacy of poultice. Standing wraps on the lower legs help ensure that the dampened paper towels applied underneath of them will insulate the moisture. However, often we need to poultice hocks and knees, which can be more mobile and difficult to keep moist. Applying a wet diaper to those joints will keep the poultice wet longer, thus lengthening the efficacy of the poultice.


  1. Disposable Warm/Cool Compress

By wetting the absorbent area of the diaper and freezing the diaper you can create a cool compress. On the other hand, by wetting the diaper and heating it up in the microwave you can create a warm compress. Just ensure that the heated diaper will not burn your horse’s skin when applying. Compresses are great for incision sites, swelling, heat, and often times alleviating pain. Once the compress has done its job the diaper can be thrown away. No more dealing with dirty towels that will add to your laundry pile.


  1. Bandaging Material for lower legs and joints

We have all been there. You walk out to the barn and notice that your horse has a laceration. Once the cut has been cleaned you can use the diaper to administer any topical medications you would like to apply, such as triple antibiotic ointment. The diaper also will help keep the lacerated area clean and dry. Also in a pinch you can keep a diaper in the first aid kid to use as extra bandaging material.



  1. Hock Sores

Often times hock sores can be difficult to treat because of the location. Medications will get into the horses tails, or rub off in the stall or pasture. By applying the topical medication and covering with a diaper, you keep that area clean and dry and facilitate healing.


I urge all of you to try it at least once and most of all don’t be afraid to casually stroll through the baby aisle and throw a package of diapers into your cart.




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