5 Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar Around The Barn

Fly Spray-You can mix apple cider vinegar with some of your favorite coat conditioners to repel flies.

Nutritional Supplement-You can use it in daily feed or added to water troughs and apple cider vinegar can be used as a preventative for enteroliths as well as a natural fly repellent. Some owners have claimed that older horses with gastrointestinal or arthritis issues can benefit from apple cider vinegar. Beware if using in galvanized waters or feeders as the acidic quality of apple cider vinegar will strip the galvanization off the feeder/water trough.

Skin/Coat Conditioner- Mixing apple cider vinegar with your favorite coat conditioner or other natural coat conditioners like baby oil, can really help add that needed shine to your horses coat!

Hoof Care- Soaking hooves in apple cider vinegar and water are a great alternative to soaking hooves that have thrush or abscesses in water and Epsom salt.

Trailering- Horses that are not comfortable drinking strange water while traveling can sometimes be fooled by adding some apple cider vinegar.

Summer is the time when I go through the most amount of apple cider vinegar, so I would be conscious during the winter if it ever goes on sale or you can find a bulk sale! I will only use apple cider vinegar as a feed through supplement in the plastic feeders, as I have stripped the galvanization off of the galvanized steel feeders and it is NOT pretty let me tell you.


Hope y’all are enjoying your summers and staying cool!


-Emily Bomgardne

July 12, 2016


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