5 Ways to Find a New Farrier


So you’ve moved to a new place, or moved your horse to a new barn, or maybe your old farrier became unfit for your needs in some way shape or form. What do you do now? There is a number of ways that you can look for a reliable and reputable new farrier that I have listed below. A farrier is not just a farrier; I have seen some really incredible farriers and also some very questionable ones. Not out of malicious or lazy behaviors, but rather a lack of knowledge.


-Facebook: Surprisingly, this is where I found my current farrier. I reached out to local horse-related Facebook pages and asked for a reputable farrier. I got the numbers to a few of them that came highly recommended by most of the horse community around me.


-Word of mouth: Whether you trail ride or show you horse, don’t be bashful about asking around about reputable farriers.


-Local feed stores: Ask the people at the front desk if they know of any farriers, also check bulletin boards, and maybe even leave your number in case anything comes to mind.


-Local tack/horseshoe supply stores: Most tack stores will have a few active horse people working there, when you stop by be sure to ask around and make sure you ask what discipline the riders partake in. Also, another place to ask around is a local horseshoe supply store, there are two near me. The staff there deal with farrier’s day in and day out, so they will know most of the local farriers who purchase through them; and will have an idea of who’s reputable and available for new clients.


-Local barns: If you keep your horse at home, you lose the advantage that other boarders will have. Most barns will have a house farrier, or a few that will work on a group of horses. Give the barns a call and see who they recommend. I would do your best to ensure that it is a reputable barn before getting recommendations.


Miss Ethel Mertz, showing how yearling who stand for the farrier get rewarded, with anice green snack!


Happy hunting and remember the old saying “no hoof, no horse”? If you’ve ever had a bad farrier you know the truth of this!


-Emily Bomgardner



January 11, 2017

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