10 Ways to Reuse Tube Socks

It happened again, you go to pull on your favorite pair of riding socks and sure enough there’s a hole in them. Countless times I have thrown them away, but a few years ago I had a colt who was being shown religiously and would tear off and eat his tail bags. Soon I got smart to using the sock as a tail bag, a bag of socks was much cheaper than replacing tail bags. Over my years with horses and working with different horse trainers you pick up a lot of unique tips. Below I have compiled some of my favorites.


Leg injuries

Knee, lower leg or hock injuries can all be covered with a sock. Especially when applying pastes or other topical medicines it can help keep the medicine on the skin and debris out of the wounds.



Most equine athletes and even some pasture pals will experience scratches at some point in their lives. It mostly affects the fetlock and lower leg regions of the horse. The affected area needs to be kept clean and dry, most stalled horses will get shavings in the area which can perpetuate the issue. The sock will help keep the debris out while allowing the region to breathe.


Fly Protection

Don’t feel like going to the tack store to buy fly boots? Tube Socks to save the day yet again. It will keep the flies from biting at the horse’s lower legs and causing irritation.


Tail Bag

Like I discussed previously, tube socks make excellent tail bags. Making a cut at the top of the sock you can make two ties, or two cuts will make 4 ties to secure the sock into the tail.


Bit Cover

Cut the toe off the sock and you can cover the mouth piece of the bit. Some owners/trainers like to keep all of their show equipment covered down to the smallest detail.


Face washing

Missing sponge? A scrunched up tube sock can also be the perfect size for washing faces.


Scrubbing hind legs

You can wear the sock like a mitten, apply soap and water to scrub legs.


Keeping white legs white

Have a horse who likes to go the extra mile to turn their freshly washed and shaved white socks, green at a show? Use tube socks to help add an extra layer of protection between white socks and manure.


Applying topical medicines

I never seem to have rubber gloves laying around when a horse needs diaper cream rubbed here or furazone there. But, I always have a sock laying around that I can dispose of or wash afterwards.


Oiling tack

Not just oiling tack but really any job that you might use a rag for, like applying baby oil or “face goop” at horse shows.


You can find tube socks almost anywhere. Whether you have everyone from the barn donate their old holey socks or you buy them by the pallet load, tube socks are another great multipurpose tool to have around the barn and in the trailer at all times.


Emily Bomgardner

August 5, 2016


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