10 Reasons To Not Get A Barn Cat

They are excellent companions for early morning feedings and late night stall cleanings


Barn cats can be a conversation piece for people who are new to the barn, give you something to talk about.


Help keep the rodent population at bay. Even if the cat isn’t a great mouser, their presence can help keep the nasty critters away.

Most are low maintenance, requiring little up keep.


They generally do not eat a large amount, and by not giving them free access to food you increase their drive to be a mouser.

Shelters are generally bursting with feral cats that would make suitable barn cats.

By adopting a barn cat, feral or not, you are giving a homeless pet, a place of their own.

Barn cats will generally use the great outdoors when nature calls, meaning no litter box cleaning for you.

What’s better than one barn cat? Two! Getting two barn cats gives you double the trouble, I mean, double the mousing capabilities!

When you no longer feel like facing the world, lock yourself in the tack room and let the barn cat cure your woes.

Squeaks, a famous barn cat from The University of Findlay displays how he expertly helps with morning feedings.


-Emily Bomgardner

May 24, 2016


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