10 Miniature Facts About Mini Horses

We all gawk and fawn over miniature horses, don’t lie, we have ALL done it! I have owned 2 minis’ in my life and I am 100% guilty of thinking they are somewhat useless, but boy was I wrong! Check out these 10 great facts that minis are famous for!


Mini’s are only classified as “mini” if they measure in under 34” tall

The American Miniature Horse Association hosts shows across the nation where mini enthusiasts can show their minis in a plethora of classes including but limited to: in hand trail, driving, halter, showmanship, jumping,


Mini’s have been known to serve many of the same purposes as service dogs. They have been known to be used for the blind, as well as serve as therapy animals in hospitals, or nursing homes!


All horses are measured at the withers correct? Wrong! Mini’s are measured at the last hair of their mane.


They can be used for pony rides, and often times they serve as a first horse for many young children. Due to their small stature and often dog-like nature, many youth receive mini’s as a first horse to ride and show!


Miniature foals range from 12 pounds to 25 pounds at birth.


As early as the 1950’s minis where used in the mines to haul the goods out of the mines, as horses and drafts where too large to fit into the crawl spaces.


The average life span is 30 years, but have been known to live well into their 50’s.

Minis can pull 3-4 times their weight, which means they are stronger than draft horses in terms of amount of body weight they can pull.

You can register your mini horse regardless of color, some associations have color restrictions or will have “undesirable traits”, whereas, minis are generally registered based on height.

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-Emily Bomgardner


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March 13, 2017


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